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Frequently Asked Questions

How does ordering from Box Lunches NY work?
It all starts with your decision to feed the group quickly and efficiently. That's why box lunches are the correct choice. Next get a feel for the sandwich selections for the group. Mostly white meat? Any vegetarians or vegans? Any gluten free issues or peanut allergies? The next step is coordinating your food delivery. Where will your group be at either breakfast or lunch, then figuring out how best to deliver the food. Our experience has taught us that the bus is the best place to start. Normally we meet the bus or limo driver and load the food directly. If the bus or limo is not the best choice, we will bring the food to wherever you want. It's really that simple.

What is in the boxes?
The lunches include a sandwich wrapped in plastic to keep it fresh, a large fresh baked cookie also wrapped in plastic, and a bag of chips. Generally we get a feel from the client as to the types of sandwiches requested, or we will assort them. The cookies are mostly chocolate chip, but we will provide an assortment. The chips are mostly regular but this selection is also assorted. We find that people like to trade and the variety is refreshing.

What forms of payment does Box Lunches NY accept?
Box Lunches NY accepts all major credit cards, cash, company and personal checks. For those companies wishing to establish a corporate account, please email your request. Once a corporate account has been established the terms are net 30 days.

What about vegetarian, vegan, and gluten free options?
Every groups has at least one person who fits in this category, so just ask. For our vegetarians we have roasted vegetables, grilled veggie, fresh mozzarella with basil and more. For the vegans we use tofurkey brand products with tofutti brand non-dairy cheese. We use Rudi's gluten free bread, among others.

Do you provide Kosher Food?
No, but we can provide a "Kosher Style" lunch where we follow rules set forth by the Jewish faith for food preparation. Kosher kitchens must maintain a strict set of rules which we do not observe. For the most part however, our clients find a roast beef or turkey sandwich without mixing dairy fits the bill.

Can orders be picked up easily to save on delivery?
Of course! If you want to pick up your order we will be happy to bring it right out to your bus or car.

Does Box Lunches NY only make boxed food orders?
No, we are a full service caterer. We can provide office catering, residential service along with weddings, sweet sixteen parties, retirement parties, you name it.

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